cryptocarya alba a.k.a. chilean peumo

July 20, 2023
1 min read
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we created the kochslide with a vision to simplify the process of sampling to observation, making it accessible and enjoyable for microscope enthusiasts of all levels: the ease and simplicity of the kochslide are evident in every step

take, for example, our encounter with the endemic tree cryptocarya alba, a.k.a. peumo, in santiago de chile. the sight of its mature fruits piqued our curiosity, and we couldn't resist bringing some back home. over a few days, mold started to grow and spread on the fruits

we effortlessly placed a sample on the kochslide clear ultra-white glass surface using tweezers; this simple action allowed us to observe the intricate details of the mold through our em1 microscope. the kochslide's seamless design eliminates the need for coverslips, reducing any unnecessary complications during the observation process

whether you're a scientist, a student, or simply an enthusiastic explorer, the kochslide adds an element of fun and ease to your microscopy endeavors. embrace the convenience, embrace the joy of exploration, and let the kochslide accompany you on your scientific journey