Written by: Camilo Koch
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strawberry mold

i always thought that a moldy strawberry could be eaten by removing the visible moldy part and eating the visibly healthy one; that is exactly what i have done all …
November 17, 2022
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banana observed on the kochslide + em1 microscope

every morning i mix whole oats with water, honey, and fruit; today i took a break and observed the banana i later ate. sampling the banana was simple: i removed …
October 27, 2022
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kochslide + em1 microscope event: santiago science festival 2022

Saturday 8th, October 2022; Santiago, Chile. kochslide, ultra-thin flat floor cavity slide for microscopes participated in its first exhibition partnered with the Em1 Microscope, Micromundo, REDECA, and University of Chile at …
October 8, 2022

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