kochslide and Em1 Microscope announce partnership to enhance portable microscopy observer experience

August 14, 2023
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[Santiago, Chile and London, England; Monday 14th, August 2023]

kochslide the highly innovative cavity microscope slide and Em1 Microscope - the world's most powerful, portable microscope, are delighted to announce their strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to revolutionize portable microscopy by combining cutting-edge technology with ease of use for an unparalleled observation experience

The kochslide is an ultra-thin cavity microscope slide that allows viewers to observe samples without the need for coverslips thanks to its flat-floor and clear ultra-white glass. With the kochslide observers can explore the microscopic world with ease and convenience, whether in a mobile fieldwork setup, the laboratory, or even at home

The award-winning Em1 microscope has achieved international acclaim for its innovative design, portability and exceptional performance. Its unique features have redefined the landscape of microscopy, allowing viewers to enjoy laboratory-grade equipment in any geographic location with instant image and video capture via a smartphone

Effective today, every Em1 microscope set will include a kochslide unit. The two products combine perfectly to simplify the observation process and enhance the observer’s experience

"Partnering with Em1 Microscope is a great opportunity for kochslide," said Camilo Koch, inventor of the kochslide. “By combining the exceptional magnification power, portability and versatility of the Em1 Microscope with the practicality and ease of observation provided by kochslide, we are confident that everyone will be able to discover and explore the microscopic world like never before"

"We are very excited to be joining forces with kochslide," said Anil Raval, CEO of Archimedes Research Limited, which produces the Em1 microscope. "kochslide's dedication to quality and simplicity aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovative portable microscopy. The synergy between our products is remarkable. This partnership empowers viewers to embark on their microscopy journey with ease and confidence"

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About kochslide:

kochslide is the creator of the world's most user-friendly field microscope slide. Its ultra-thin, flat-floor cavity design allows coverslip-free observations through clear ultra-white glass in any setting, be it the field, the laboratory or the home

About Em1 Microscope:

The award-winning Em1 microscope is the world's most versatile, portable microscope. Renowned for its magnification capability and revolutionary design, the Em1 microscope empowers scientists and enthusiasts to explore the microscopic world with ease and precision in all environments

kochslide Press Contact:

Camilo Koch
Inventor, kochslide
instagram: @kochslide

Em1 Microscope Press Contact:

Anil Raval
CEO, Archimedes Research Limited
Instagram: @emmicroscope

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